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Need brisket advice

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I bought a 14.5 lb packer for a smoking/grilling throw down at my church. I figure it will be about 13 lb after trimming. I think I'm going to try to do a butcher paper wrap. Has anyone tried it in a Mes? I'm figuring on about 18 hrs to cook will it hurt to sit in the cooler for 3+ hrs if it's done early. Don't know if I will do a simple salt and pepper rub or use a red rub, any thoughts. I think I'm going to have to separate the point from the flat to get it to fit in my Mes 30.

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Well not sure what the butcher paper wrap is but it will sit fine in a cooler wrapped in Towels for 3 hours. If u figure 1.5 hours a pound that should give you a little wife room as to finishing.

I take mine to an internal of 205F. Have fun and shoot some pics for us.

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I don't know what a butcher paper wrap is either.   I wrap with foil and then towels before going into the cooler.  3 or 4 hours in the cooler before serving, in my opinion only improves the flavor.


I use a lot more flavorful rub when cooking for my family or friends because I know they don't mind having their taste buds dance.   I'm willing to bet there will be people in your church that would want to avoid some of the stronger flavors.  Maybe stay with salt, bp, garlic powder, onion powder and if you foil when cooking use a good beef broth.   Try to accentuate the beef flavor of the meat. 

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Basically when you wrap at 165 or so you use butcher paper instead of foil. Never tried it myself, but it seems to have gotten some press because Aaron Franklin uses it on his briskets.
Now forest, if you wrap in double foil with a little liquid, wrap in a towel or blanket and drop in a cooler, that baby will stay for hours. Just don't pull it too early.
As for rub, I've gone to kosher salt, butchers block (coarse) pepper, a little onion and garlic powder, and recently added a bit of cumin to the blend. But see what works for you.
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Ahhh kinda figured it was something like that. I for one am not a wrapper. I plan my smokes to allow time to go all the way. :-) I always get moist tender brisket.

As for's a matter of personal taste. Use what ya like and like what ya use.

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Anyone ever tried to rub half with one rub half with another?

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Forest, I will be doing the same for the first time this weekend, using S&P. I think my MES30 is too small though, so I will be using my electric fridge conversion. It will be interesting to compare notes.

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na8u5e8e.jpg this is it I'm not sure what I will rub it with yet, I have till to arrow afternoon then it gets trimmed and rubbed

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