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Thanks for your post!  Your beef rib looks yummy!!!


I'm well-versed in smoking pork, but want to do some beef ribs soon.  Your process sounds simple enough doing a 2-1-1 run at 275°.  I've been using a 3-2-1 for pork ribs at 225°.

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Yeah I wanna do them too. I don't want to use any foil.....never do on my pork ribs. Should I assume 6 hours would suffice?
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The only times I can get decent beef ribs around here is around New Year's.  They still aren't real meaty, but they will put them on sale for $1.99.  They are more like mouth food just for the sake of taste.  Wonderful little nibbles of flavor.

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Harvard meats over on 15th & Harvard has some really good beef ribs, nice and meaty.  They cook up thick after the meat shrinks and balls up.  You can get racks there 4-5 bones @ 5.99/lb.

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Nice , I guess I'll have to talk to my  Butcher... :icon_eek:  And beg as usual :77: , SWMBO ,has the last word :wife:.


Have fun and . . .

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