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Moday day off smoke (With Qvue)

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So I decided to put my day off to good use.  Decided to smoke a couple whole chickens and some ABT's !!!!!!!


My chicken rub before mixing :o)


Da ABT's ready to go in,,,


Chickens waiting for smoke.


Ahhhhh paradise in the San Diego sun.


2 hours and 15 minutes later we are at 165 IT.


Smokey goodness.......damn juicy too!!!


Poor little guys went to pieces :o)


Beautiful ABT's.  Wife and kids couldn't get enough. Shoulda made more.


So I smoked with Red Oak and the flavor was amazing.  I did add one small chunk of apple wood as well.  Smoked at 230F for 2 hours and 15 minutes. 


Did something different on wife's suggestion.....she said when she removes the skin all the good rub is I made a compound butter with my rub and placed under the breast skin.   This baby was bathed the whole cooking time with that deliciousness!!!   Made the bird so juicy and tasty that I will be using that method from now on!!!  


Now it's cocktail time by the pool.  Ahhhhhh love smoking's good to be hooked!!!



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Tasty looking birds and ABTS! Nice smoke!
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Looks like a beautiful day to smoke....... you sure did those bird justice.


Great looking! Congrats!

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Nice looking , Padron.  The Chicken go well with poppers .


Have fun and . . .

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