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Spare ribs!

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This is long overdue but ive been on a bit of a hiatus. Its time to get back and learn from all you expert pit masters. A few weeks ago i smoked my first full rack of spare ribs. I normally do st. Louis style.
Started out with my home made rub

I normally use mustard to hold the rub on but i coated it in worchestershire sauce this time. Just for kicks.

Finished product. Sorry i forgot to take a picture while it was on the uds but beer can do that to you. Cooked it for 6 hours total i believe. My journal isnt in front of me at the monent. I used 3-2-1 method. I prefer that for the spare ribs over the usual 3-2-2. When i foiled i also poured some beer into it. I could tell i put worchestershire sauce on and it was decent. I think that flavor is better with berf though. And my fiance wasnt to keen on it either. But overall good smoke!

JalepeƱo cheese keilbasa made by my local butcher. I smoked it the same day. It came out excelent!
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Tasty looking ribs!
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Ribs are looking good and so is the kielbasa!
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