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Drunken Steak

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My sister in law lives in Leesburg, VA and there is a restaurant near there called Sweetwater (or Sweetwater's?). They have a "Drunken Ribeye" there that is probably one of THE best steaks I've ever had if not the best. Amazing flavor and the char they got on there was awesome (I always cook my steaks in a cast iron skillet and I want to get a char like they had).


Apparently they marinate it in their pale ale along with a couple other unknown ingredients (I found online somebody said it was ketchup and soy sauce but that doesn't sound right).


Has anyone done a drunken steak like this? Do ribeyes work best or could you do it with something less fatty like a strip steak or T-bone? Do you have a marinade mix you like? I really want to try it myself.

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iv never heard of this but will be watching to see what some others say...very interesting

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beer works wonders as a tenderizer and gravy makerbluesbros.gif

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Are beef here is usely fairly tough all grass fed.Sunday I grilled Beef tenderloins I marinade in blended Papaya fruit and Beer for 3 to 4 days turned out very good.



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sounds great

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