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Congratulations on the buy.

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I'm stoked, it should arrive on Wednesday.  So one more question.   I currently have a BBQ Guru DigiQ 2 and power raptor PID.  I used it with my old Bradley.  It is different then the Auber in that it has 2 110V plugs.  Has anybody used one with anything other than a Bradley?  If so how did they plug it in?

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I'm a professional chef and I work in an argentine  style restaurant where we cook over a live fire with mesquite. At home I roll with a weber performer grill and a Rec Tec pellet grill. Love both! I am thinking about a Smokin it model #3 , a cookshack, or a Smokin tex 1400. Is it necessary to get one with the PID or not? I've researched that the PID is a lot more accurate . What do you all think.?

My email address is for replies.

Thanks for the input.

John in Tacoma

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John, The quick answer to your question is no.  A PID or digital controller is not necessary as the analog bulb and capillary work just fine even with their temperature swings high and low of the set temperature. But you might be happier and more at ease seeing the temperature you set being maintained within a degree or two throughout the entire smoke. 


Having used a Cookshack Amerique 066 for several years and having some limited experience with Smokin-it and now having my own SI 3D, I must say that  controller on the SI is more capable in that it is programmable through 6 steps and can store 8 recipes (programs you use regularly). And it costs far less. Quality of build on both I would rate as equal.  The SI is rated to hold 45 lbs of food and the CS 066 50 lbs so not much difference there.   Their form is different with the CS being taller and wider than the SI but the SI is deeper. Overall, either should serve you well with the best value/bang for the buck being the SI 3/3D.


I just did ribs in my SI 3D and they were as good as anything I have done in my CS Amerique. 


While I cannot comment one way or the other on the SmokinTex, I would recommend scouring the comments here on SMF as well as visiting the actual smoker sites for additional information and comments.


Good luck - Dave

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Hi John!  As you & I have talked about before, the main difference is accuracy, ability to program 6 individual "steps" in order to fully-automate your cook, and affordability.  Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, you just won't find more bang for the buck than you will with SI.  Here's a little comparison chart that might help you, and others. SmokerComparison.xlsx 13k .xlsx file

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DivotMaker - Great chart.  It should help any and all looking for quality and reliability or to upgrade from the big box store variety. Owning two of the three brands mentioned, I have to agree with you that the SI is a lot of bang for the buck. I could not be happier. 

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Thanks Sarge for the advice. I will be at the northwest food show in Seattle in March. Hopefully SI will be there.
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I don't know what Steve's schedule is like. Unlike going to a big box store where one can find many smokers and kick the tires and do all manner of touchy feely tactile inspections, investing in  Smokin-it or a Cookshack or a SmokinTex is a leap of faith based solely upon forum posts and the respective web site of each.  I can say without reservation that two of these smokers will give years of reliable service and work just fine out of the box and can assume that the third is just as reliable from what I have read. It comes down to how much one wants to spend.

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