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Hello from Vir - ginny - I - A

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Hi there... I am in VA, about 1/2 way between DC and Richmond... guess you could say I am now a Central Virginian....

We have a small farm where we lots of critters and raise our own meat, such as rabbit, chicken, turkey, beef, pork.... as well as hunt for wild game....

I am a total newbie to smoking... It is something I have wanted to learn how to do for a very long time....

I have a huge unit that came out of a bakery that I am wanting to turn into a smoker... It is about 32" wide by 6' tall....


Now to figure out the best way to do that then I will be a smoking fool like the rest of you!  :)


So, HOWDY from my place!

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Welcome to the board! There's a whole section devoted to smoker builds.

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Hello , glad you joined up, I like seeing smoker builds, be sure and post pictures of the process.


Gary S

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As soon as I get a handle on how to do this, I will post pics....   We all gotta start somewhere, right?  I am just grateful there is so much experienced people here that are willing to share their talents and help out us newbies...

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