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smoke daddy

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  I brought the magnum smoke daddy at first i was very dissapointed creosote all over my food now i have solved the probleme

i first started of with wood chips sawdust and pellets,the pellets produced white heavy smoke combined with the sawdust created

creosote I now start up lump charcoal get it nice and hot place this in the smoke daddy add small wood lumps and you get

a lovely clear white blue smoke and when all is finished i just turn the smoke daddy upside down and tip out the ash

                                                  hope this helps someone has i know how bad it gets with creosote

                                                                             cheers john

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Thanks for the tip, I will give the lump charcoal a try. I previously discovered that my smoke daddy worked much better when I ditched the bottom cap and air pump, then keep my chimney flue wide open. The natural draft keeps the pellets smoking much better than the air pump ever did. I still get creosote build up inside the smoke daddy around the pipe leading to the cooker but I haven't noticed signs of it getting on the food.
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