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1st fattie

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It's about damn time I rolled a fattie!

Started with a pound sweet Italian sausage.

some red pepper flake and rooster sauce turn it from sweet to medium Italian sausage!

stuffed with Swiss cheese, sautéed shrooms, and onions.

thick cut bacon weaved and ready.

fattie rolled up and ready to be smoked!!

all this talk about rolling fatties gave me the munchies and I found this awesome straw at 7eleven! Jealous??? I know you are!! Coke squishy tastes even better with a mustache straw!!!

Had some bacon ends so I fried them up and I threw together some beans real quick and put them on the smoker as well.

More pics later...
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How did everybody miss this one?


Looks like a great start !!!Thumbs Up


Any finished pics?




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Where's the rest of the pics????  :biggrin:

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Sorry bro! Lol!! I forgot all about this post. Came out real good.
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The one pic isn't showing up for some reason.... Here's another:

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That's a Beautiful Job, HillBilly!!!Thumbs Up


Looks Mighty Tasty!!:drool:drool




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Thank you sir. Came out ok for my first try.
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Whoo hoo!!   Looks great!!!  Oh and that Mustache straw RULES!



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Hahahaha!! Thanks and the mustache straw does rule!
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