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Bacon wrapped chicken thighs

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This week I am giving bacon wrapped chicken thighs a try.  Just pulled 3 off, all between 165 and 170. The other 3 wont be long coming off, they were around 160.  Did it a little different this time, my last few attempts I tossed the meat in as soon as I dumped the chimney starter into the charcoal pan.  Maybe that is part of the reason I have had  not so great success so far :) Anyways figured i"d give it a try that way since my daughter needed a bath after playing with the charcoal I was trying to line up around the outside of the charcoal pan. Anyways it was a good 30 minutes after I dumped the chimney starter before I added the chicken.



I marinated them in buttermilk for a few hours then just sprinkled some onion and garlic powder on them as well as some paprika before wrapping them in bacon and sprinkling a little more of the same on that and left them in the fridge over night and today.  I was going to cook them last night but we went out to dinner and while we were gone it got windy, so I decided to wait.


Here's the pics...


Out of the buttermilk and wrapped and seasoned..

Just putting them on


The three I pulled off so far.



Now to go check the others!

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btw I used apple chips.




I just tried one,  can't really taste the seasoning to well but they were not  oversmoked like most of the other stuff I have tried, I'll take it!!

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Those look great :drool . Ain't it fun to experiment and come up with better ideas :icon_question: 


Thanks for thelook , and as always . . .

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