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New here..from New Jersey (The Garden State). I work with a MasterBuilt Pro. Used it about 7-8 times. Doing a rack of St Louis style. Dry rub of Old Bay, Brown Sugar, and Chili Powder. Plan on smoking these about 4hrs or so then finishing them with a little Applewood/Vidalia onion BBQ sauce (William Sonoma).

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A NJ, Piscataway, expat here. If the smoker is below 275°, 4 hours will not be enough. They will get cooked but will require some good teeth to eat. When a Term Probe or skewer slides into the meat with no resistenance, you are good to go...JJ

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They went in at long you think? Been going at about a steady 250...
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Do you do the 3-2-1 method?
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Straight smoking at " a steady " 250 with no foiling, will take about 5 hours to Bite through, 6 for fall of the bone. Higher, lower or a lot of variation will affect time by about 30 minutes give or take. Additionally, large thicker racks go longer than smaller thinner racks. Bottom line, the probe test for bite through tender or if fall off is your desire, they are done when a bone twists out easily...JJ

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Appreciate it--will start looking closer to 615ish+..cranked up temps closer to 275-290ish..
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Took them off at 620. Pretty damn tasty..
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Welcome to the forum, look great to me 


Gary S

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