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Newbie ready to try smoking

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First, thank you for the forum.

I am a complete newbie at smoking. For years, I've sought out good smoked BBQ. So I decided to try it myself. I bought a Smoke Vault 24, and a Maverick ET-733; both items should arrive in a few days.

I'm hoping to smoke ribs and a boston butt next weekend. I'm planning on using the 321 method on a rack of spare ribs. However, I'm a little lost on the butt. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good butt recipe for a total newbie? Possibly a post or website that outlines a good method?

Thanks again for this great forum. I can't wait to start contributing!

James in Cincinnati
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Hi PinJim!

I am just about a year into smoking and this site has been invaluable.  That said there is a pulled pork recipe "sticky" by meowey in the pork forum that I've followed a few times.  I'm following it today as a matter of fact. Its easy to follow and the results are great..  Good luck to you on your 1st smoke.

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Welcome to the board!


If you're completely new to cooking a butt, maybe try one in the oven first, with a known and controlled temperature and time. Then make notes on how long it needs to cook and what the texture is like at a given internal temperature.

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Welcome!! I use the same rub on my butts that I use on my ribs so whatever you plan to use on your ribs is what I'd go with. When you get ready to go just ask for some help and we'll get you on the right track.
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Thank you both for the replies.

I'll start with that basic butt recipe. I'm still going to attempt to use the Smoke Vault with the understanding that it's an experiment. biggrin.gif I know I might destroy a few pieces of meat in the process.

I hope the Smoke Vault is as good as the reviews make it out to be. Hopefully the operator is halfway decent too.

Should I put water in the pan that's included with the Smoke Vault? Even when basting?

Thanks again everyone!

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Some words of wisdom to think about . . .


1. don't go bonkers when the temps. seem to stop rising , this is only a "stall" which most every Butt (and Briskets , too) goes through...Raising the temp. will only cause grief.


2. Be diligent , watch and(best suggestion)keep a log of you cooks , much can be learned from doing this...


3. Be Patient . . my favorite 'Matra' ...


Have fun and as always . . .

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Thanks for the advice. A smoke log is a great idea!
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Hi James

Welcome to the forum! We appreciate you joining our group of cooking enthusiasts. I always suggest all the new folks check out Jeff's Smoking E Course.  Lots of great information and best of all it is completely free! Enjoy your stay with us. Ask questions and join our discussions.  You'll find this to be a wonderful community of people.


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You can try the water pan thing both ways. See what you like better. Potk butt is actually pretty easy and very forgiving. If you want to make it easy on yourself, coat the butt with a little olive oil or yellow mustard to give your rub something to stick to, run the cooker to 250 / 260 with water in the pan, and leave her be until you hit about 195 to 200 IT. When shes done wrap in a foil pan and let reat for an hour or more. She then ready to pull, sauce, and eat. If you are opening that door for spritzing, looking, checking temp etc., then you are increasing your cook time and constantly releasing moisture. Thats the easy way that will give you good PP. But use the search function and you'll find all kinds of answers to all your questions. Welcome to the forum and best of luck. You got a nice start with the smoke vault and maverick.
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Hello James first let me say welcome to the forum. second, pork butt is not hard it just takes a while, here is another member in Cincinnati who is a good guy and you will like   Here is a cook I did last weekend take a look it may help.



Gary S

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