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So I've Been "Cheat'n On My Smoker" (at the motocross track)

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So before I got into smoking meat, my weekends were spent at the motocross track.. I had my grandson racing motocross and he was really good at it.. was ranked in the top 20 in the United States in his class... his parents went through a divorce somewhere around 2002.. I footed the whole bill for the next 2 years.. So in 2004 we were out in TX for a week at a national and on the way home i had to break his heart and tell him that we had to quit as I couldn't afford it anymore... so that's when I got into smoking meat when I had nothing to do on the weekends... been smoking every weekend since....

Jump to May 2014.. grandson is 22 years old and has a good job at a chevy dealer turning wrenches (mechanic)... he decided he wanted a dirt bike.. So I went with him to look at a few and he decided to buy one.... So now my weekends are turned back to the motorcycle scene and we have been going to the track on weekends... he leaves the bike with me during the week so I can service it and get it ready for the next weekend... We haven't got back into racing yet but he wants to...

So needless to say... my smokers are getting jealous of the bike as I haven't been using them lately...

So I think of this song by Trent Tomlinson (Cheat'n On My Hony Tonk) all the time... and use "smoker" instead of 'honky tonk" ... lol

A picture of the bike

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Make ya a UDS and take it to the track w/ you. Bet you'll make friends w/ everyone.

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E... I have my mini wsm... prolly start taking that ... problem is I don't get much time to tend to it ...
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That is what cookin(smokin) is all about friends and family so do what is best for family and the rest will fall in place! and i'm with eman start smokin at the track and you will make tons of friends!!!(mini wsm best bet) with friends come babysitters for smoker while watching grandson on track when you cant be next to it! Have fun and happy smokin from West Texas

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The great thing about the mini, you don't have to do much tending! Do simple small smokes, like a tri tip, or wings!

I'm jealous I've been wanting to get a dual sport so I can get back into dirt road riding again. The street bike just isn't cutting it anymore. I'm lucky that I live in a place where I can ride ten minutes on blacktop and have hundreds of miles of dirt to play on!
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take the smoker to the track too

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