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Finishing Fatties in the oven question

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Hi, I couldn't find the answer to this question, so if it's already been answered I apologize. I am doing two fatties up but will need to transport them and they won't be eaten for a few hours after they are smoked (these are also my first fatties). I plan to transport them wrapped in foil in a cooler to maintain IT, but would I be better served to cook them to 165IT on the smoker and warm them in an oven later or only start them on the smoker but cook to 165IT in the oven when I get there? I think food safety-wise cooking them fully on the smoker would be better, but then how do you make sure the bacon weave doesn't burn in the oven? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Will pay for answers with Qviews biggrin.gif
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Always Fully Smoke/Cook meat and hold in a cooler, Fatties will hold 2-3 hours. If too cool, reheat in an Oven at 250 to 275°F...JJ

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Thanks for the help JJ. By the time they went into the oven IT was in the 120s, so they took a little while to warm up again but worth every second. Here are some qviews of how it went down. (One was cream cheese, cheddar, sautéed onions and garlic, the other was pineapple and chunks of smoked ham with cheddar and pasta sauce)

This was the first time I got a fairly thick smoke ring. Will have to keep practicing.

Again thanks for the help!
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Any time. Feel free to PM if you need anything...JJ

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