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Smokin' Buttz checkin in!!!

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Hello there. I am John. I have been checking out these forums getting info and advise for months now. So I figured I'd join. I am born and raised in Nashville, TN. My father was in the restaurant business for some 18 years and I was right there with him. He taught me how to grill and I parlayed that knowledge, plus what I have learned as an adult, into the beginnings of a Smokin' and Catering Business. I do most of my smoking on my Masterbuilt Gas Smoker XL, but every now and then I crank up my Char-Griller Pro with the side fire box. I still have my old school Small Round Vertical Smoker, which I am in the process of attaching my Smoke Daddy Cold Smoker. Not a Pro by ant stretch of the imagination, but I have a working knowledge of meat and how it likes to be treated. I could ramble on and on, but I have to go get my chickens in off the smoker.

Happy Smokin'

John from Nashville
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Welcome to the board, John! Please share your experiences and preferences.

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Hey John, good morning and welcome, sounds like a fun business to me, post some pictures of your equipment and your next big event.


Gary S

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