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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Mike, morning...... I would stay away from the HBTWelding's smoker.... The guy building them has changed his business name 3 times as best as I can tell.... He may have improved his design but revues on several forums are not good........ They have not been good smokers..... Poor design..... read this

and this
I wish you wouldn't comment about them not being good smokers unless you have either had food cooked in one or have cooked on one yourself. I have one of the smokers and it cooks just fine!!
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Originally Posted by Brooksy View Post

I wish you wouldn't comment about them not being good smokers unless you have either had food cooked in one or have cooked on one yourself. I have one of the smokers and it cooks just fine!!

Brooksy, Sorry you don't like my opinion...... and the opinion of others.... Knowing what I and others know about those smokers, we would be remiss if we did not speak up about what we think their quality is..... Mike might appreciate it very much..... Hey Mike..... Google HBTwelding and GreasyHillSmokers.... You are more than welcome to search out what others say about those smokers.....

One more thing Brooksy....... If you ask advice on this forum..... do you want an honest answer or a line of b.......s............ Do you want to know the safe temperature to cook chicken to......... Do you want to know the correct amount of cure to add to sausage so your family doesn't get poisoned from toxins forming in the meat...... If you are planning of spending a couple thousand dollars, of your hard earned money, on some POS smoker..... would you want to know the truth....... Maybe you think it is a good smoker because it's the only one you have cooked on..... or are taking this thread personal because you own one..... darned if I know... but wishing I wouldn't comment on a 4th rate smoker when someone is asking for opinions about them...... WELL, you just don't know me, or several others on this forum that have been helped tremendously by other members here...... I've gotten absolutely great advice from members here..... I'm just trying to pay it forward...... Anyway..... don't hold your breath because when asked, folks get my honest opinion that is based on information that is true, to the best of my knowledge...
By the way, you can bet the farm that any information I give you, in the future, will be the best available whether you like it or not......

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Here's another member looking for advice....... I'll bet Jeffed is happy about this advice so he doesn't buy the POS.....
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Have you ever cooked on or seen this smoker in person? I'm very sure just because you haven't ever cooked on or seen third smoker and YOU didn't make it then I'm sure it's a POS! No it's not the first smoker I've ever cooked on. I've been smoking meat for a good time and it smiles just fine. What exactly is it about the smoker that you have a problem with? That is made from diamond plate?? Ohhhhhhhhh that's a big friking deal! You know nothing about this smoker and how it cooks. I would venture I could make food on mine that would make you say DAMN THAT IS GOOD. So who the F cares if there is a few issues with it. I recall reading on here a thread about how Lang's are garbage. Are you willing to say the same thing about those from a few bad reviews. I wouldn't make a suggestion about a Mes because I myself have never cooked on one still why do you have such a opinion about a smoker you've never cooked on. I say it's the person behind the smoker and not the equipment. Maybe you can't cook on anything but something you've made!! I can turn out good food on a garbage can. I feel any opinion about something you've never seen or cooked on is just here say and full of BS.
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