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Memorial day Turk

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brined an rubbed with Jeff's rub. Injected with big bobs recipe. Filled cavity with 2 stalks celery small white onion, 1orange. Rubbed breast with garlic butter and threw rest in cavity.

Bout a 14 #er. Brined, salt, sugar,poultry seasoning. Injected with big bobs recipe. Stuffed cavity with an orange, 2 stalks celery and one mdium onion. Rubbed breast down with garlic butter and threw rest in cavity. Not a certain anything here. Jeff's rub.


1 hr in spritz with apple juice.

After first hr. Spritz with apple juice.

Some spuds rubbed in olive oil and Mr Tbone steak and fries seasoning. Ribs wrapped up 3-2-1 method

 3rd hr, ribs wraped up, nuther forum, more spritz plus some spuds coated in olive oil and rubbed with Mr Tbone seasoning.

Skin got pulled off breast. Juicy!

Skin pulled off breast next night, left phone in truck night of. Wonderful

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Looks really good man!  :drool   Nice job thumb1.gif

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