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Memorial day smoke - Ribs & ABT's

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Not much Q-View, to busy playing horseshoes and emptying the cooler.

Went with 2 sides of St Louis style with the trimming, one side of baby backs. (because I got the last two full sides) and ABT's for the appitizers.


ABT's had sweet italian sausage, cream cheese, diced green onions, and slice of monterey jack then wrapped in bacon


Ribs went with Jeffs rubs (added one more tablesppon of salt) and a little more pepper.



Had to put foil under the ABT's because the cheese was dripping on the ribs (duh)

Threw some bacon on for awhile for the baked beans


ABT's and Baby backs came off first and disapeared without a pic but did get to grab a pic of the St Louis ribs before they disapeared, simply because they were in the middle of the last game of shoes. Everything was perfect oddly enough with all of the activity to keep me side tracked. Glazed with a little sauce 30 minutes before taking off

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Nice smoke man! You guys were sure eating good!  thumb1.gif

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Awesome ribs!
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Very nice! Tasty looking Qview...nice going! icon14.gif

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Looking great!

Pit Happens!
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Boy would be hard to concentrate on the shoes with that smoke blowing around.


Looks mighty tastee!!

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