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My first smoke

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I was in a rush and did not brine my chicken. I threw some apple rub on it let it sit in fridge for an hour or two. I let it smoke for about 4 all most 5 hours. It was very juicy and the skin tasted amazing. It was hard keeping my temp steady but I read a lot on the site and know what I have to do. I have a char griller pro with sfb. I need to get everything sealed up better and keep going at it. I did some ribs also but I should have foiled them as they did not turn out quite like I wanted. 





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If you foil next time, you'll be able to make a comparison to know which way is more to your liking.

So far I've always foiled my ribs. Next time, I may go without just to see the difference.




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Jason , hello and :welcome1:  to the SMF.


Your Chicken and Ribs look great . :drool I see no problem with them , but I'm a "Sauce - on - the - side  , kinda guy. If I can get them to look like yours and 'bend/break' like this  :


 I'm a happy . :biggrin: I do no foil , but if your next trial with foil pleases you more, then by all means that's the right way for you Thumbs Up.


Keep on doing what you are doing, it was great...


Have fun and ...

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