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Trying to take my que to the next level.

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Ok, after many posts and research I have realized my que can get better. Been locked into the 321 method of spare ribs .
I desire a firmer rib with just a little fight in the bite. I think my pork shoulder is pretty good, involving all the usual tactics

(injecting, nice rub correct final IT) it pulls nice. Now I have learned about the TBS. If my smoker wasn't chugging like a freight train I thought something was wrong, that could be the reason many of way food turned out almost black. I guess clouds of white smoke isn't the way to go. Thanks to all of the help I have received on this great site during my first year of smoking I have gotten this far, now I am ready to go further. I have gotten some great tips and I am ready to leave those overcooked 321 ribs in the past. Now its time to chase that thin blue smoke. I'm sure with a little guidance I can get through this as well. Any tips would be welcomed. This site and its members are the best.

I'm using a modified semi ecb brinkmann that holds temps well, along with chunk charcoal and apple wood chunks.

Did I mention that my wife loves all my smoked offerings so far?

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Ron, if your ribs are overcooked (too soft) with 321, just modify it and shorten the time in the foil.  Try 3,1,1, or 3,1.5,1.   Of course, you could just forgo the foil and cook them naked the entire time.    Or, you could crank your heat up to 275 and finish them in 4 hours instead of 6.

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Yep...It's the Foil time that has the biggest impact on breaking down connective tissue quickly at 225°F. Decrease the foil time to get firmer ribs. But, at 225° it will still take about 6 hours to get Spare Ribs done. Add the time not in foil to he beginning or the end but plan on approx. 6 hours. To reduce the cook time, you have to raise the smoker temp. Itoo have had great success with 275° for 4 hours...JJ

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For TBS, what works for me is to use a variation on the Minion method. I cover the bottom of my coal basket with one layer of unlit coal. Then I place 2 or 3 chunks or a handfull of chips on top of that, sort of towards the outer edges. Then I layer the rest of the unlit coal on top of that, trying to leave a depression in the middle. I'll sometimes put a can or something in the middle as a placeholder while I'm layering the top coals, or sometimes I''ll just pull out some coals from the middle. I'll then light 5-10 coals in the chimney, and before I pour them in the depression in the middle of my pile of coals ,I'll put one chunk or another handfull of chips in the bottom of the depression. Pour in the lit coals, and within 20 minutes or so I'll have TBS and it will continue throughout the duration of the smoke.

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What smoker are you using?...JJ

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What kind of smoker and  charcoal are you using?

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

What smoker are you using?...JJ



Originally Posted by Ron Eb View Post

What kind of smoker and  charcoal are you using?

If you're asking me, at the moment nothing. But up until Christmas I had a mini WSM. Before that I had an open bottomed ECB and before that a one door vertical box type ECB. This method worked well in all of them. As for the type of charcoal, I've used a variety, but my favorite is a dense, all natural briquette like Stubbs or Trader Joe's for long slow cooks. For high heat such as for chicken or direct grilling, I like lump the best. If all else fails, good old Blue bag Kingsford wil get the job done.

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I might have to give that a go.

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Actually I was asking Ron what smoker he had. This way we can recommend how to make the best smoke...JJ

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I used to have an ECB as a lot of us have. I think the key is to be there watching, adjusting, hovering, the whole dang time. If it was me I would save my pennies and build me a mini or a UDS or both if you really want to get good TBS. If you have some money A Weber smoky mountain would fit with what you want to do as well. If you have more money than that you could look at a ceramic grill or a large offset/reverse flow unit but then you are talking thousands. You can go to the next level by many ways.I got pretty good with that old Brinkman but would not ever go back. I have A UDS and a Weber kettle now. Looking to get or build a mini soon to round it out.

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I modified a Brinkman Charcoal smoker.  See some pics on this thread

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