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Wood Cutting Board

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I came across a wood cutting board, I have no idea what wood it is but I cleaned it up with alittle bleach and cold water, what is the best way to treat it and how to make it last. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions Allen.
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Food grade mineral oil in the pharmacy..... there are no food particles in it so it won't promote mold etc..... but it will "semi seal" the wood to reduce penetration from other products.... re-oil frequently when it is dry....
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I've sold a LOT of cutting boards & the best, longest lasting thing I have found for them so far is George's Club House Wax. It is a mix of beeswax & mineral oil & lasts a lot longer than just mineral oil. It's all I use in my shop now for food safe finishes on cutting boards, bowls etc. & I highly recommend it  2thumbs.gif

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Where would I get George's Club House Wax?
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Originally Posted by Allen View Post

Where would I get George's Club House Wax?


If there is a Woodcraft near you they stock it but there are lots of places online to get it a little cheaper...

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