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Top round question

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It's my first time doing a top round in the smoker. I've got my rub and read some posts so I now know to cook to 130-140 for medium rare. What temp should I cook it on and about how long per pound? Mine is a little over 2 pounds. Any other suggestions? Liquid underneath? Thanks for your help!
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Personally I would smoke it at about 225 and figure 3 hours give or take as far as time but of course smoke to temp not time.

Don't get crazy about smoker temp keep it in the 225 range not dead on 225 and remember to keep the Thin Blue Smoke (TBS) not white billowing smoke.

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Thank you!

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Yep 225. 1.5 hr per lb. water in pan as this is a lean cut then definitely wrap in foil with liquid during resting. Good luck and don't forget your qview.
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Good luck with the smoke when it's done wrap it in foil then an old towel or two and place it into a warm dry cooler for 45 minutes to an hour this will allow the juices to reabsorb and redistribute in the meat. I would also suggest slicing it thin to serve

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Yummy roast beef!


Are you going to be using a wireless meat probe like a Maverick 732/733 or an instant read thermometer?  The wireless makes monitoring meat worry free.  A two pound roast should be in your temperature range in roughly an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes at a 225-235F chamber temp.


Liquid underneath?  Just use water.  It adds more smoke flavor for a relatively short smoke.  I prefer hickory or oak, occasionally mesquite, the stronger woods on a short smoke.  Consider wood like a flavor ingredient in your smoke.   


Folks have lots of personal preferences in beef and you'll develop your own.  I like my beef rare and my wife likes medium rare, so I compromise and aim for an internal temp of 133-135F.  I prefer to smoke round, tri tip, chuck eye, boneless cross rib, prime rib at low temps, 225-235F.  That way there is a nice color consistency from the edge to the center.  If it is just my wife and me I don't bother reverse searing the meat.  It will be pretty colorless though just on the smoker alone.  If we're having company I'll fire up the gas grill, get it over 700F, then sear the outside for color at the end of the smoke, just a couple minutes per side.


Have fun on your first top round.      

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Wow, lot of variations on times.  I generally smoke beef roasts in the 3.5 to 5 lb range.  My time above is too short.  It was a guess.  My bad.

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