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Newbie in Maryland

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Hello all, my name is Jerome and I live in southern Md. Been smoking a few years nothing major. I own an original Oklahoma joe and I have a Oklahoma joe longhorn that I just completed some modification on and I am very excited about them! I have been coming here and getting some great ideas for my modifications this is a great site and now I am happy to be here!
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Welcome...I am new here myself

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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Hello Jerome, welcome from East Texas, post some pictures of your smokers we would all like to see.


Gary S

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:welcome1: Jerome!

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:wazzapp:Jerome, nice to see another new Marylander on the forum.

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Looks like Marylanders are taking over! Welcome!
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Us Marylanders should start our own group, Welcome seemore

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I agree we should start a Maryland group!

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Nice rig Seemore.

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Yes, a Maryland group lets do this! Wait, How do you do this?

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Nice smoker and welcome aboard Seemore!  I love SOMD, it's one of my favorite areas. I tell myself every year I'm gonna make it down to Solomon's for the Tiki bar opening, but I have yet to actually make it.

I'm gonna go against the grain and disagree with the need for the MD group. I really don't like the way the groups are set up on here, in that you have to join to participate in the threads. It basically just leads to group threads having little to no activity. I'm sure I'm in the minority though, so I wish you luck with the group if you do start it.

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