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Hello from Jersey.

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Hey all,


Bob from central Jersey, a new smoker here, just got a MES 30 inch smoker as a birthday gift.  Seasoned it and did my  first piece, a whole chicken that came out quite wonderfully.  I'm new to the smoking game, but I've done a bunch of reading and a little experimentation.  Hopefully I can find a brisket to do this weekend.  From there, the only way to go is up!

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Welcome to the forum, glad ya joined us ! There's a bunch of MES owners on here if ya need any help !
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Hey Bob, hello and welcome, congrats on the new smoker and a successful first smoke.


Gary S

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Welcome Bob, Fellow Jersey guy here Marlton, Burlington county. I got the MES 40 a couple of months ago. Be sure to join the MES Group. You will learn a lot from these guys. Good luck! Rob

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