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New to the smoking game

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Hey guys/gals, I just purchased a new "Master Built" electronic smoker.....never have used one before, but a buddy has a smoker and has been telling me about all the great foods he's been doing, so I figured I'd get into the game.


My name is Tony, I live in Ontario, Canada and like I say, I'm brand new to this.


I have some questions but not sure this is the right forum to ask them in.

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Yes you picked the right forum to introduce yourself. If you can't have that experienced friend supervise your first tries, maybe begin with split chicken breasts to get a feel for your unfamiliar rig.


On wood-burning rigs another trick is to place pop-up biscuits or slices of cheap white bread on the racks, to see where in the rig they toast first/fastest, but I don't know if the electric rigs run hot enough for that.

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Hello Tony, welcome to the forum, lots of members on here would be glad to help answer your questions.


Gary S

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Welcome, glad ya joined us ! There's a bunch of MES owners on here that I'am sure would answer any questions ya may have !
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Thanks for the warm there a forum specifically for questions?

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Originally Posted by Kickass32 View Post

Thanks for the warm there a forum specifically for questions?


Congrats on the MES! I use one & am very happy with it  :icon_mrgreen:  You should join the MES owners group here


That would be a great place to post all your MES questions  thumb1.gif

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