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First chicken on my new smoker

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I just built a new smoker about 4-5 weeks ago and I love it. it maintains temp very well and the smoke rolls real nice..   I have been doing a lot of pork with amazing results with the exception of one cook which was a seasoning flaw not a cooking flaw. so when my wife and I got nominated to have memorial day at our house I gladly accepted and immediately decided to take a stab at doing a couple of whole chickens...  I used my standard pork rub which is brown sugar based.   they cooked at about 225* for about 2 1/2 hours..


opening to any CONSTRUTIVE criticism!!!













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Hello David.  Looks GREAT to me.  I wouldn't change the process, maybe just alter seasoning if you want a different flavor profile.  If you like it, stick with it!  Keep Smokin!


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Sure does look good. Danny said it right.... you want to experiment....try different woods and seasonings. And i don't know if you did or not, but many years ago I discovered brining for poultry and other lean meats is a big plus. How about some pics of the cooker?
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Yeah , Q-view. I want to see your Smoker...


And your Birds looked nice...


Criticism , you really should frame your cooking racks . . . they will sag on  you. . .


have fun and . . .

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how was the skin? turn that bad boy up the last 20-30 minutes and crisp her up!

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I really appreciate the kind words! as far as my cooker goes It is just something I made myself out of an old water tank..  I cut a door into it and put a hole it the top of it for a smoke stack and then welded it all to a stand!!!  I will post pics later I will fore worn you it isn't much to look at but it cooks really really well!!!  which I guess is the important part!!!

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your chicken looks good. ive done 3 or 4 beer can chickens that turned out awesome. and as far as a smoker goes i bet it probably looks better than this ugly thing lol.

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sorry it took me so long to get back on here and put up some pics..  like I said I know it isn't much to look at but it does cook very good!!






door open





inside with some beautiful ribs cooking

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looks real good . I went to a cook out last Saturday and the flavor of the chicken was the best I 've had in a loooooong time . I ask if he used hickory chips and he said yes but also used some cherry . it was delish. i'll try some cherry the next time

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