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Memorial Day Smoke

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Decided to try some ribs for the first time on the smoker yesterday and was quite happy with how everything played out.  The taste was great and couldn't have been happier with the smoke flavor, the ribs were on just a lil long I think.  They were basically pull the bone right out, but super tender! The slabs pretty much fell apart into 3 sections each.  Jeff's rub and a mix of cherry/peach wood.  I went with the 3-2-1 method and after the 2 hour part I could tell they were done and didn't finish them up in the smoker.  I let them sit foiled and then just threw them on the grill for a quick 5 minutes with some bbq sauce on half.  oh and that is my pup supervising my smoke :)




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Nice looking plate man! I would sure eat it!  :biggrin:  Good smoke  Thumbs Up

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Hey Smokerelli...that plate is a sight to behold!  Looks delicious!  Nice job...Thumbs Up



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Thanks gents!

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Very nice smoke for sure ! icon14.gif Tasty lookin ! Is that your smokin guard dog ? Looks ferocious ! LOL.... I have one of them too ! icon_lol.gif
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Yes sir, he goes by the name Brody, almost 5 month old American Bulldog.  He isn't full smoked meat guard dog yet, just in training :)

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