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Hello from Delaware!

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Just checking in from the Atlantic Coast!

I have been smoking meat for several years, having fallen in love with BBQ when we lived in the deep south for several years. I started on an ECB, moved on to a Weber kettle, and just picked up a KG/CG Akorn this spring. The akorn just did a fantastic butt yesterday for a friend's cookout, in fact.

I still have the kettle, along with a Weber gasser, and all 3 of my grills see regular use depending on what my mood is and what I am making. The gasser usually ends up sitting for a few weeks or longer when the tank goes empty though. I prefer charcoal, but don't hate the convenience of gas either, and the Genesis is a heck of a grill, honestly. One way or another, I usually cook on the grill 2-3 times per week.
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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Welcome to the forum, I to grill several days a week every week rain or shine.


Gary S

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Thanks for the welcomes! I used to grill year round, living in Birmingham, but this past winter in DE made that a little difficult. Still, more often than not I grill at least once per week through the winter and 2-3x per week in the spring, summer and fall.

Did some really good wings and chicken breasts today with a 1-2 punch combo of the Akorn and kettle. About an hour and a half for the wings at 275-300 on the Akorn then direct on the kettle to finish. The breasts were about 30-35 on the Akorn and a few minutes on the kettle to finish. Smoke courtesy of apple wood, rub was mine with Jeff's as the foundation.
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