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Chicken brats and wings.

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What are the benefits of par-broiling chicken brats?  I am not in a time crunch.  My plan is to start with raw chicken brats and start them smoking at 275.  Then, finish them on the grill once they are IT 165.

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I think some might simmer their chicken sausages before searing, so as not to cook too quickly and squeeze all the moisture out. Your plan sounds like it will work the same way. I'd smoke to around 150˚ however, and sear to a final temp of 165˚ Depending on what's used in the sausages, there's a thin line between done and dry.

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Thank you that helps a lot.  Should I keep the smoker at 275?  

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If parboiling in beer or wine let's say, it makes the meat and casing taste a little better. It also toughens up the casing so there's less chance of it sticking, cracking or falling apart on the grill It also reduces the time it needs grilled thus, lessening the chance of burning prior to them being done. Mdboatbum's suggestion with the temps is the way I would go about it.


:biggrin: Good luck and enjoy!


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Originally Posted by smo-kingmamma View Post

Thank you that helps a lot.  Should I keep the smoker at 275?  

I think I'd lower it down to 225˚. Less chance of overshooting your temp and they'll have a longer, gentler ride in the smoke. 275˚ would work too, I'm just saying what I'd probably do in the same situation.

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Good advice, guys!!!


Hmm...someone's been getting rather busy with her smoker, lately...and, utilizes her new found source of experience and info...good job!!!


I like your energy, BTW!!!


...goes right along with one of my favorite closing lines...


...keep your smoker warm & happy!!!


:popcorn   :pepsi:




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Memorial Weekend in Wisconsin is over.  It was amazing.  I have a new situation.  We have an Open House at our office tomorrow.  Annual event.  10 years of a wonderful growing business.  I purchased 40 Klements brats.  I did a 4 minute parboil...and am smoking them now.  My quandry is...can i grill sear them tonight...and put them in a nesco on low/warm overnight?  I would then bring them down to the office and heat up to med/high...and serve them out of the nesco to the hungry patrons.  I have done this before, years ago and they were amazing.  ls there any food safety issues if I keep them low temp overnight?  Thoughts and concerns welcome..Thanks, Eric

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The only way I hold anything in the Nesco is if it has bottom and side heating. If it's side-heat only (for roasting) then it won't be worth a hoot on keeping the food heated through on bottom and in the center...been there, done that.


There shouldn't be a problem with the parboil, smoke and grill-sear tonight.


If you have a larger crock-pot would work great for this purpose. You will need to do temp checks with a probe to be sure. Not sure how mealy the texture will get after a long hold like that, but it can be done. Keep the cooker temp to around 140* as measured from near the center of the food in the wouldn't need to puncture the brats, just get in between them and contacting the food...this should tell you what temp the cooker is holding at. Minimum recomended is 135*, but there's no room for error with thermometer readings at that temp. Also, the food must be fully cooked to 165* then go straight to the holding appliance, or reheated to 165* (treated as leftovers), then held @ 140*.




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