Charcoal in MES

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This may be a topic previously discussed; if so, I'd appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. I've actually been very hesitant to post anything at all due to the fact that there are thousands and thousands of threads that cover just about everything.

I understand that charcoal is what gives you a smoke ring. I also understand that this does nothing as far as flavor. But I want a smoke ring! I've thought about placing some coals on a flat rock that puts them right by the heat source. Another option is to place a few coals in the chip tray. Maybe crush the coals or keep them seperated from the wood?? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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Here you go...

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7, morning...... what ever you do, do not place any source of heat on the floor of the MES..... there are processing controls under the floor, on the left, away from the heating element...
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Thanks a lot! This is a huge help.