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Baby Back Ribs on the MES30 with an AMNPS (Q-View)!

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Started last night with 2 racks of Costco ribs (woohoo, no membrane to deal with!). Coated them in yellow mustard and some rub, bone side first. Wrapped them in plastic wrap and let them sit overnight. 



Got the AMNPS up and running (Pitmasters Choice). Wasn't too bad for my first try, got it running in about 10 minutes. Decided to go with the 2-2-1 method for my first smoke.



MES30 going @ 230 deg with the 2 racks. 



After 2 hours, getting ready to foil. Just added a splash of apple juice before closing the foil.



Didn't get an after foil picture, but here are the ribs after I pulled them out of the smoker after the last hour. 



They taste as good as they look!



Added bonus, made some cheddar bay biscuits (a-la Red Lobster)



All in all pretty impressed for my first try. The only thing I experienced was that I used almost 3 full rows of AMNPS on a 5 hour smoke. I had the chip tray and the loader all the way removed. It was also a little breezy. Next time I will leave the chip tray in, about 2 inches out. 

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Ribs look great.

How was the smoke coming out the exhaust?
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It was very thin at first (almost invisible) but by the end was visible. Still was very much TBS, but it was just coming at a much greater volume. By the time I opened the door after 2 hours it dumped a whole cabinet of smoke on me. I would guess that just closing up the chip tray will burn it a little slower?

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The wind will affect it. In my 30, I pull the loader and chip tray out about 2 inches and get a good long burn.
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So leave both in, but about 2" out? 

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Works for me. To much flow will cause the pellets to burn to fast.
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Tasty looking ribs, nice smoke!
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Great looking ribs man!  :drool

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