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chicken times

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i know its been asked a thousand times, but i cant find the answers that im looking for. Its my first time smoking chicken.  i want to do two chickens. one beer can, and one spatchcocked. what are the general cooking times, and do i use the smoke the whole time? and do i wet the chips? 

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What smoker are you using?

My smokers are direct heat.

I don't soak the chips.
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Your spatched chicken is going to cook quicker than your whole bird. As far as times, what temp are you going to run your smoker? For poultry I run mine around 325-350 most the times. A spatched bird takes a hour and some change whole birds hour and a half.-2 hours. With that said I cook poultry till it hits the Proper IT. 165 in the thigh or breast.
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we have a 40 in masterbuilt . i figured id run it around 275, so i can get the skin as crisp as i can. do i smoke it the entire time?

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