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MES, disappointed........

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Have had it for a year now and really liked it until I tried my first brisket. No bark on my flat at all, and it time to wrap it.

I guess I will be looking for a wood fired unit. Was a nice system on the deck and all, it will do for ribs and such but not to good for a brisket.

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Did you have water in the water pan ???? Can't make good bark in a steamer..... Use water for the first few hours then remove it.... crank the temp up to seal the meat and make bark..... Keep the exhaust wide open, when smoking, so the moisture can escape......

There is a learning curve to each type of recipe... from jerky to pastrami..... all are cooked different.....

Oh yeah, welcome1.gif..... swing into roll call for a proper welcome from out members......
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I get good bark in my MES.

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Good bark here
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It turned out ral good for my first one, I guess I am just use to the bark from a wood smoker that I have seen done by our FFA department at school, real dense black bark......

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Thanks Dave I'll keep all that in mind for the next time.

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