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A little brisket

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Smoked a little 3 pound point yesterday while I fiddled around with yard work. It turned out great wife approved!

Here are the specs

8:00 rub on.
8:15 preheat to 250
9:15 meat in hickory pecan pellets turned down to 230.
2:15 hit 165. Foiled.
4:00 205*IT. Into cooler to rest until 6.
Pulled apart by hand.

Along with corn and spaetlze it was good eats!
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Looks good... for the kiddies portion....biggrin.gif.... I need at least twice that much on my plate... yahoo.gif
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Haha! I did some quality control samples before dinner.
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Nice looking sampler man!  :icon_mrgreen:

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Awesome meal ! icon14.gif Ya know Happy Wife.... Happy Life ! LOL.
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Good job, looks like it turned out great   Congrats


Gary S

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