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First try

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Smoked a few pieces of cheese yesterday. Swiss, Sharp,Monterray Jack, Horseradish, and Pepper. Smoked 6 hrs. Oak chunks in Smoke Daddy. Ambient temperature 71. Used a bag of ice in water pan. Maverick said high temp in smoker was 81. Put in fridge for two weeks. We'll see. Ernie

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Nice combination of smoke recipients there. Sounds like the ice in the pan worked for you, too...I've done that myself...81* peak chamber temp is a good, moderate temp...well done!!!


Not sure if you've read this bit on smoked cheese or not, but he's got a ton of valuable info for the beginners, from how to smoke to how to age/store your cheese...great reading:


Be patient with your cheese and you will be rewarded...Enjoy!!!




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