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First Fatties & second smoke

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Our first attempt at Fatties. We had 1 lb of very lean hamburger and 1 lb of Jimmy Deans original sausage. My wife chopped onions, carrots, celery in small processor. We made two types, each wrapped with two strips of bacon.


Veggies - Mango Salsa - Mozerella cheese

Veggies - BBQ sause - Cheddar cheese


We made 4 beef fatties, two with each mixture.

We made 5 sausage fatties, with 2 salsa & 3 with BBQ.


Forgot to take photos of the assembly. They were a good size for a meal portion.


Heated MES 30 to 275 F and used hickory.  We put them in basically a cold smoker and turned it on. They took over an hour to reach 160F. We were not sure what to expect from them, this is the second use of the smoker. The meal came out way better than the first try using a chicken and apple wood. The smoke vent was 1/2 open and had perfect flavor. Used BBQ sauce on them, and I put a little zip sauce on mine. Wife liked beef best, I liked the sausage better. Are considering a beef/sausage blend next time.


Here is a photo of the leftovers after dinner. We have dinner for tomorrow. I plan to put them on a low grill to heat them up.


Thanks for looking, and comments appreciated.

All the best!

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Nice looking mini fatties!  :drool  Any pics of one cut open?

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Sorry, not cuts. I'll try to remember them next time.

We had the leftovers on Sunday. I fired the grill and placed them on with low heat to gently heat them. The bacon became a little more crisp and they were as good or better the second night. My wife liked the consistency of the bacon off the grill better.


I think I may par cook the bacon in the frying pan before rolling them so the bacon becomes a little more crisp.


Also, did hotdogs tonight for Memorial day. They came out great with hickory smoke at 250F for 90 minutes. Makes me want to start stuffing my own!


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That's ok man - we just like to see the inside  :icon_mrgreen:  I make a lot of fatties in my MES & I can say with almost 100% certainty that you will be making more  :beercheer:

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Thumbs Up Bite size fatties..... I like it!

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You bet we will be making more.

I like the smaller ones because we can mix and match and everyone gets a sampling of what they like. Some beef, some sausage, some BBQ, some salsa...

Will be making  a blend of sausage and beef next time, and I want to add more hot to some of the sausage for a little more zip. (My wife cannot tolerate the zip).

Thanks for the comments.

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