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MES 40" "Burping"?

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I am in my second run with my new MES. (this time 5lb of pork shoulder and 5lb of beef shoulder)  and I have noticed that 3 or 4 times the unit "burps" smoke out the vent and chip loader.  I am guessing I am having a flare up of some sort.  Has anyone had this happen before, and is there something I can do?  Or is this no big deal and I should just enjoy another beer? 


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That is usually cause by a flare up, chips catch fire, burn up all the oxygen, internal temp then drops sucking in oxygen and creating a back draft (aka smoke explosion). Speaking as a forty year firefighter, more of a problem in a building fire than a smoker. But still something you should avoid.
To prevent it, makes sure your top vent is open all the way and be sure you don't overload the chip tray.
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