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first ribs

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First time I smoked ribs turned out good next time I will add more smoke I used the 2-2-1 method Johnny triggers style minus the tiger sauce because I couldn't find it.
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They look great.  Congrats on the smoke !

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Yup, looks great

Try no foil sometime.
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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Yup, looks great

Try no foil sometime.

yeahthat.gif Great lookin ribs ! icon14.gif
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Thanks! Ya I will try no foil next time get em nice and smokey. I also used apple wood chunks and cowboy lump charcoal. Is hickory alittle stronger smoke?

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It can be bitter if too much hickory is used. I like to mix hickory with other wood. I like white oak with hickory. I use 2 oak portions to one hickory.
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I use a mix of cherry and apple. Love that combo.
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