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Newbie here.  I'm relatively new to smoking. I started out about a year ago with a Brinkmann charcoal smoker and after a bit of frustration and getting tired of busting my ass trying to maintain it during a 10 hour smoke I recently ditched it for an 18" Camp Chef Smoke Vault. I had considered electric but decided LP was a good compromise. I have yet to smoke anything in the vault but plan to this weekend. I have struggled in the past with getting "good smoke" and have had a pork shoulder or two come out tasting like a camp fire. I hope to learn a lot here and improve my abilities.  Anybody else here using a smoke vault who can give some good tips?? Thanks!

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Welcome to SMF!

 The meat being to smokey is caused by one of two problems(or both).

Either you have to much smoke or you don't have enough airflow and are getting stale smoke staying in contact w/ the meat.

 I would bet that it's to much smoke?  You only want just a wisp of thin blue smoke coming out of your exhaust vent. Not heavy white smoke. If you can smell smoke coming out and can barely see smoke that is TBS.

 Run your exhaust vent wide open until you learn to control the smoke.

Do a search in propane smoker section to see if anyone may have had the same problems and how they corrected them.

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