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A Butt is 1/2 of the shoulder.  The other half is the "Picnic ham/shoulder".    If you pick up a "whole shoulder", it's the butt and the picnic together.  As each hog has 2 shoulders, it will yield 2 butts and 2 picnics.

yeahthat.gif...Below from another source...JJ


What is the difference between a Pork Butt* and a Pork Picnic?

The 'whole' pork shoulder (15-20 lbs) consists of the upper part (Boston Butt) and the lower part of the shoulder (the Picnic). You can purchase it whole, however most times it is found in the store separated into the two pieces mentioned above. The difference between Picnics and Boston Butts are the bone structure......the butt has a small shoulder blade bone and the picnic has the front leg bone and joint.

The picnic is normally sold with "skin on", whereas the Butt only has a small fat cap. Both have excellent BBQ meat, but the Boston Butt is the better value. The meat from the Picnic seems "sweeter".

* a/k/a Pork Shoulder Blade Roast


View before the Butt is skinned...



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I'll be cooking a 10 lb'er tomorrow and my plan is to remove the bone and cut it in half. More bark and less cook time,

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So how did it go?

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the 1hr and 1/2 per pound refers to one butt.  All of the butts will be cooking at the same speed.  You must check the largest butt to see how the temp is going.  The smaller ones will be done before the biggest one.   I cooked to in a Bradley Smoker, an electric smoker, and the bigger one took about 18 hours and the smaller one took about 12 hours.  I should have put the larger one nearest the heat to get a faster cook on it.


Doug Weaver

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It's still on the smoker....:biggrin:

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It's still on the smoker....:biggrin:



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