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ABT's modified

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Didn't think I had seen this before, but forgive me if it's already been posted. Decided to make some ABT'S with a few mini peppers because I had a few people not excited about too spicy of food. Stuffed the peppers with a mix of cream cheese, Swiss cheese, BW3's Caribbean jerk sauce, hot pepper cheese, and last but not least some diced tomatoes w/ chiles. I wrapped them some smoked turkey lunch meat I had left over from the week and a few with bacon as I ran out (if you couldn't notice I was clearing out the fridge :). Than my proudest moment, after skewering the ABT's to keep them together I threw them all on a rib rack to stand them up in the MF vertical. Will hopefully be back to share the results!



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They sure look good to me. How did they come out any money pics?? 

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Sadly I was in a rush when I pulled them off the smoker because I had some hungry on-lookers.  They did turn out really good with one heck of a "bite" to them that I wasn't expecting.  The only thing that didn't really turn out was using the lunch meat as the wrap on most of the ABT's.  I think he meat was a little to thin and crisped up more than I would have liked, still very edible and good though.

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