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Bark with "Jeff's Rub"?

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I've done a couple pork buts using Jeff's Rub but have not been able to acheive a decent bark. I don't think its the temp becuase I've been able to get good bark results using other rubs. 


Do I need to increase the sugar content? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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Do you wrap?
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I have done it both ways, wrapped in foil and not wrapped in foil.
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Hmmmmm? I don't have that problem.
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I don't have that problem either... Have you changed anything you do?

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No, other than use my AMNPS which shouldn't make any difference at all.

What if I bump up the temp? I've cooked them at 225* every time with varied results.

The flavor has been great just no delicious bark. I am making pulled pork for a group of 50+ for a graduation party so I think I'll just stick to what I've been doing and experiment later.
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I sure wouldn't add any more sugar. It already has more than enough. My.02

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