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:welcome1: Jonathan 

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South Bend here. Just moved out from Chicago.

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Hmmmm Sweet Baby Rays in Elk Grove just south of Chicago was the best brisket I've had yet that wasn't from someone's backyard smoker. Welcome to the area. Prized Pig and Wheatberry just above the Michigan border along with Evil Czech Brewery in Mishawaka have been my best BBQ experiences as of late. I'm in Elkhart just east of you. Have fun trying all the new to you places and let us know the results.
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Boonville SW corner almost...pellet rookie.

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I am from Bristol IN Area, currently own a vertical propane Smoker. But thats going to be replaced by a new Helotes Pit that well be on its way from TX soon.

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Meatman72 here located in Elkhart north east side where you see billows of smoke . Just started smoking this summer .Don't have a fancy smoker but it gets the job done . They keep jacking the price of meat up ,Ill be smoking veggies LOL. 

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Northwest side of Indianapolis.

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Tomorrow if the wind blows right you may smell some brined turkey on my UDS. Just north of Bristol St here.
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