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The Wine Girl Did Not Disappear!

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Cheers to you all on this wonderful Wednesday eve!


I've been moving and thus not swirling this wine group lately much, although in spirit (and spiritS) I sure have been!


Nonetheless, some of my simple meals right now have been:




Sashimi grade salmon seared seconds only and fanned over Boston Bib salad with cayenne, some avocado, Tunisian olive oil and blue Persian salt.



Smoked cuttlefish over mixed greens...



And smoked lobster (in the seafood section of the forums here on this site today) with salad as well.


And while my moving and unpacking and new doings do dictate that busy times are now afloat, and thus I may not post so often but when I do I post Dos Equis, something I love; I hope you all continue to chime in with this great group, as we do have fun!


Meanwhile, Cheers to today!!! - Leah

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Welcome back Leah  :beercheer:  Hope you enjoy your new place... 

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Quite a meal you got there. Nice presentation and I am sure taste to match. Care to share the method on the smoked cuttlefish ?

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Well thank you both! (Jeremy and Atomicsmoke)! It's nice to chime in with all you great Winos! I enjoy this group so much!


As for the cuttlefish, I mop that through grapeseed oil and smoke on high heat for 18 minutes and on that same little tiny smoker! I love them!


Thank you for sharing in my menus!!! And happy Wednesday!! Cheers! - Leah

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Some wonderful looking meals there, Leah. The salmon, cuttlefish, and lobster are all over the top. Far beyond anything I've done while moving.


I particularly like what you've done with the salmon. Sear for a few seconds, then serve.


Great presentation, as always.

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Thanks very much David!


And I too, more than the lobster, favor the barely seared salmon. (So buttery and like velvet almost).


Cold and/or raw food is definitely my favorite way to eat. (A good grilled cobia piece would be second however, but the sashimi grade salmon is first, and just so addictive to me)!


Thanks for the well wishes and here's to today! Cheers!!! - Leah

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Yeah, Leah's back!  Good Thor's Day morning!  I thought maybe vacation, but it was work, a move.  Happy your move went well.


Absolutely delicious offerings above.  As always your photos and preparation are impeccably beautiful.


You Leah are going to get me cooking outside my shopping pattern box using ingredients I've never used.  It is amazing how the Universe aligns to open doors in Life others have shown us.  You have unknowingly been part of that process, shining a light on new doors with your postings here, your blog, and your Mermaid series.  The tumblers in the Universe aligned with your creative expression recently when out of the blue one of my daughters gave me a gift certificate to Fossil Farms exotic foods for my birthday.  YOU popped into my mind as I perused their catalog.   Hmmmm, alligator, emu, kangaroo, yak, so many choices.  I haven't used the certificate yet, but I will soon and look forward to trying something I've never eaten before.


Your mantra of leaving behind something good each day, works.


Your fan's here look forward to what you'll leave behind today!





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Ray! Thank you so very much!


What a fantastic gift from your daughter, and yes, I adore all the exotic red games meats indeed, from yak to ostrich, camel, and kangaroo and more! Have fun!!!!


Meanwhile, what a lovely compliment to receive. This wine group is my favorite part of the smoking site even, and if my energy and/or enthusiasm may make a difference in anyone's day, if even by a morsel merely, then how lucky am I! (And grateful too)! How very kind of you to remark about such. Thank you!


Happy Thursday to you! Make today delicious and raise a glass to some very fabulous things!


Cheers! - Leah

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More great looking food. I hope you can find some time for more of your great threads!



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Thanks Disco!!!


My latest "smoke thread" is the smoked lobster in the seafood section right now, but I will certainly tune in to this wine group more now that I'm settled in.


I like this group so much!! Indeed.


Meanwhile, happy thursday to you!


I bet you're just getting back in the groove of home after your Ireland travels, yes?


Cheers! - Leah

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Happy Sunday Great Smoky Cookies! And Happy JUNE!


I grilled simple swordfish today...














And that was terrific!






But last night, I made a little smoked softshell crab late night snack - "late night" for me being 5:30 pm mind you, or something like that - but it was delicious!!!!!!! I think that may be my new favorite kick! I do love cleaning them, and find it therapeutic even!




Delicious stuff!


And, seeing as this is a wine group, I paired this with some bubbly. So there!


And you? What did everyone eat and drink this weekend or what shall you feast on or smoke up today?


Do share!


Cheers! - Leah

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Had little time to enjoy some wine but, the weekend ends for me on Monday night..., tomorrow, tomorrow ....there's always tomorrow

On the other hand, I am 95% finished I the the trailer smoker. There are detachable racks on the outside for tools and other accouterments and three slide out racks on the inside

The fenders should be here this week !
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My Goodness Knuckle47! That's one helluva machine you've got there! Fantastic!


Happy June to you! (And to all)!


I'm pulling local cod off the smoker right now!


Cheers! - Leah

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