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Fire Basket

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haven't been on for a while but can someone give some advice on where i can get some EML for a fire basket, looked everywhere but can't find any reasonably priced.


Just started on my UDS and looking to get this project done by end of july. 


will post pics later.

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Well Hello.  I thought you dropped of the earth.  Glad to have you back!  When I first read I thought you were looking for Elm.  th_dunno-1[1].gif  So after a reread I assume you mean what we call expanded metal back in the States ( another translation confusion ).  What I have found for such things is that many metal dealers want you to buy a whole sheet but that well know auction website offers pretty good deals for small quantity orders.  Hope this helps.  Glad to see you again.  Keep Smokin!


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I'm in the same boat Smurf. They have some full sheets at our local scrapyard but it's quite a light gauge, probably ok for grill racks but maybe too thin and too small a mesh size for a fire basket. I'm gonna call by a fabrication shop nearby and see if they have any offcuts, got to be worth a case of beer to them ?

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thanks for the response guys, i've managed to find this


and i found this video on youtube


gonna order in a bout a week, still got to burn out my drum but have to wait for some dry weather as i have a lot of broken fence panels to burn.

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Hello.  Being stainless it should work fine.  We want some picts of that build when you get time.  Keep Smokin!


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Will post pics but can't do any for a while, weather and all. Also gotta wait for the kids to go back to school before I can get going again.
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