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Great news! Glad this one worked out for you. Can't wait to see the pics.
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OK I suck about taking pictures but this is how it looked after I pulled it out of the foil and got ready to start shredding it. Fell apart as I was transferring it so it looks ugly as sin :) Nice smoke ring, looked great.


Friends & family all loved it, will definitely make this again.


Edit: How do you guys post pictures here? Looks like Photobucket's image link doesn't show up on here.

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If you look up as you are posting a reply, right above where you are typing there are options for size A B...feel me? the fifth box from the left has the links to upload pics and video from your machine. all that remains is to get the pics to your machine. You can do that by email, hardwire, or facebook. I find the easiest is taptalk. you put the app on your phone and then you have all your forums right there in your hand. You can go to the smf forum and start a thread right from your phone and directly post pictures. that said I like to make my friends on facebook drool too so I send the pics there and then download them to my machine. I personally don't like third party sites like photobucket because the pictures dissapear after a while and then when you are researching old posts for ideas the pics are gone. I also hate downloading anything I don't absoloutley have to. like other peoples pictures that I only want to look at once. So please post those puppies or I will do it for you if you like.


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