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New Guy

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My name is Bill I'm 39 live in twinsburg oh love to cook but my favorite is wood fired meats my equipment is homemade double barrel smoker I also own a pig roaster love learning new recipes and chatting with other cooks thanks for having me
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Hey Bill, Welcome to SMF!  Great looking equipment ya got there.  You should get a lot of great ideas around here on just about everything.


As a father of identical twins I actually visited your town during the annual festival in the mid 90s when I was travelling in Ohio on business.  I remember a cute festival and a fantastic fireworks show.

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Hello Bill, a big welcome from East Texas, Looks like you are set up for anything. We will be waiting for some pictures of all the good stuff coming off those smokers and roasters.


Gary S

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They still do the twins day festival every year.. It's just gotten bigger and better every year .. Should think about visiting again
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I have several pig roast already lined up for this year.. Would love some new ideas on that.. The double barrel smoker just finished it yesterday my first cook on it this Sunday.. I have 3 slabs of St.Louis Ribs.. My good friend is trying to decide between a Boston butt or a pork tenderloin... I've been invited the last 3 years to cook at the V.F.W. in Aurora oh rib cook off I accepted this year hence the build.. Needed something bigger to handle the volume.. I seasoned the smoker yesterday and will get it started early on Sunday to make sure things are good have to get those temperatures right.. Slow and low
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this is a pig I done last summer
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smoked turkey
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picnic shoulder
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some ribs I done on gas grill with smoker box
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the start of some beer can chicken
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Welcome, glad ya joined us ! Looks like some good smokes ya had there ! sausage.gif
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