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Hey from Olathe, KS here. I have spent hours reading through some if all of yall's posts/threads and used alot of your advise! New to smoking meat been at it about 6-8 months and have been using my masterbuilt electric smoker with great success and amazing food! Look forward to asking a bunch of dumb questions and improving on my processes... which I need to do in order for my wife to allow me to upgrade to bigger and better:)
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Welcome, glad ya joined us ! There's a bunch of MES owners on here that would be happy to help ya out with any questions ya may have on that unit I'am sure of it ! BTW, no such thing as a dumb question.... If there's somethin ya don't know, just ask and we'll help ya out ! The folks on this forum are second to none !
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Hello and welcome to the site, No dumb questions, everyone has to learn. Ask anything you need to, I am sure someone will be glad to help.


Gary S

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