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4 weeks for a controller card for MES

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I bought a MES 20070312 3 weeks ago so I could have it for Memorial Day.

On my first smoke test I wasted a pork butt because the temp wouldn't get high enough to cook it. Tech support says it has a bad controller card and they'll send a new one. So after waiting for over a week I called to find out the status. Apparently the demand is so high they're now back-ordered for at least another 4 weeks.


Anybody had any luck hacking the controllers on these these things?

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Just a follow up on further testing while waiting for a new controller card from China.

The internal temp probe on the my Gen 2 Masterbuilt reads about 40° high relative to a Maverick 733 or a Thermoworks probe.  According to Masterbuilt the temperature probe and the smoker temperature are on different circuits. But both circuits are on the controller card.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues. Those models have had a lot of issues, bad controler, Coils not turning off, probe temps not accurate, even catching fire and others. You didn't say where you got it but I would suggest returning it if possible and getting a First Gen MES 40. The model number is 20070311. The probe in the older model is still frequently off in general they work pretty flawlessly...JJ

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Yeah, what JJ said. Send it back. You may wait a real long time for the replacement and then still have the same issues. Its exactly what happened to me..... 3 times on the same unit. And I waited 10 weeks. These things have issues and if you're not already disgusted you probably will get there soon enough. If you are 40 degrees off that neans the max that you xan cook atis 235. Is that really what you want?
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Thanks for the advice guys.

Actually I like this smoker aside from the controller issue. My objective was to get an insulated box with a window. A remote controlled thermostat was a plus. I would have returned it to Lowes if they had another one. Which gets down to why I've been trying to make this work. There are better smokers out there but they don't have windows and remotes.


Since the meat probe is on a separate circuit it doesn't control the temp of the smoker. That's a secondary issue. After my first pork smoke I ran another cure test with the Maverick 733. It will get to 275; it's just not stable which makes the temp display on the smoker irrelevant.


I'll put up with it for another few weeks. If I don't get a working controller card before the end of June they're getting the unit back.

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