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Where did you find the stand?  It is just what i am looking for... Thanks!!!

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Although I do not put my cookers outside much, I thought I'd mention these as a good storage solution. I just got these on sale at Harbor Freight on sale for $99 each. Super glide drawers slide smooth as silk, and the carts seem quite sturdy at about 100 pounds each. Wheels are relative large and work great on hard smooth surfaces.  I don't put the cookers outside unless I'm doing a party, but normally just wheel them out the garage to do the cooking. The height is perfect so I do not need to do any stooping at all - everything at chest level.


The bottom shelf is used for the wood fuel specific to the cooker, and the drawers contain accessories such as cords, a dual probe Auber PID, temperature monitors, Grill Grates, tube smoker, etc. Everything is now self contained for the cooker atop, and nothing is now misplaced (or lost). Eventually I'm going to do a cold smoke adapter on the bottom shelf of the Bradley cart.


An added benefit for the Davy is that the cart allows me to get rid of those awful fold-up legs! Best accessory investment I've made in making my cooks more comfortable.


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I purchased the stand that is made for the MES from Amazon. As well as a heavy duty cover. Mine has been stored outside from day one. Even after torrential downpours, my smoker is dry.
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This is what I built last week.  Modifying the filing cabinet took about an hour and so did building the stand for the top.


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My electric smoker is the Smoke-it #2, pretty heavy, not worried about it easily tipping over.  I was considering using four sturdy fill sized concrete building blocks on end to raise it 18 inches.  I was glancing on Craig's List and spotted a metal box about 14 inched tall with a drawer.  It was made for a pair of them to fit under a washer and a dryer to elevate them.  The person only had one used one that was silver and matches my smoker pretty well for $25.  I would have preferred a little higher, but it works well and is very sturdy.  I just locked the wheels on my smoker to prevent it from moving.


Good luck at finding or building something that will work for you..

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